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Access detailed tariff information including duty rates and the maximum rate at which these duties are limited.

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Identify trends within the market, using powerful aggregation features.

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Compare market share by country. Benchmark by volume, value and unit price.

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First Seat

  • R1150 per month
  • Paid annually in advance
  • Excluding VAT

Subsequent Seats

  • R850 per month
  • Paid annually in advance
  • Excluding VAT
Customs sends us all the import and export Customs data for South Africa once a month. We then take this data and organise it into a format that you can use to rapidly base decisions on.
SARS audits all the data before releasing it into the market. Having said that, errors do occur in the data and when these are picked up, SARS corrects the data and re-releases it. We then update the database to show the new, corrected data. Stratalyze therefore provides the most accurate trade dataset in the market.
SARS releases trade data on a monthly basis. There is a delay of around 6 weeks from the end of each month, before the data is released. For example, you get August's data around the beginning of October.
Is there any software that has to installed before Stratalyze can be used?
No. Everything runs directly within your browser, and on any device such as your computer, phone or tablet, irrespective of the operating system. If you have an internet connection, you have Stratalyze.